Community Leadership

Advena Living on Tenth celebrates the importance of ethics, compassion and commitment in the healthcare profession as we honor our nurses, volunteers and staff, who demonstrate such passion and dedication to our community members every day.

Our staff works side-by-side with families and physicians to ensure our community members are in the most appropriate care setting, customized for their needs and preferences. Our licensed professionals are available to answer questions and address any concerns you or your family may have.

We have a special relationship with the Veterans Administration of Northeast Kansas, and we welcome questions and discussions about our care for those who have served.

Please feel free to contact our key staff members about our services:

Marissa Gilliland, Business Office Manager

I got my CNA when I was 16, then my CMA when I was 21. I have been around long-term care facilities since I was 9 years old. My mom would bring me to work with her and do activities with residents at the nursing homes where she worked. I knew at a young age that working withthe elderly was my calling. To hear them say they are glad to see me, or just to get a smile when I walk by, is what I strive for every day. Working in medical records gives me knowledge and experience that I use daily.  

Alyssa Miller, Director of Food Services

I have 11 years of leadership experience. Previously, I  worked in the restaurant industry as a Certified Training Manager for the past 6 years. I left that and became the Dietary Manager at Advena Living on Tenth.

I decided to make the change because I wanted to make positive changes in my life as well as others around me. Food has always been a passion of mine, so I am excited to be stepping into a different position than I am used to.