The Latest Buzz: Drinking Coffee Helps You Live Longer

Your morning cup of Joe might do more than keep you awake. Turns out, drinking coffee every day could increase your lifespan.

A new study in the Annals of Internal Medicine followed the coffee habits of 170,00 people in the United Kingdom over seven years. The participants ranged from 37 to 73 years old. None of them had cardiovascular or cancer at the start of the study.

Researchers controlled factors like lifestyle, socioeconomic status and chronic medical problems.

The study found 1.5 to 3.5 cups of unsweetened and sugar-sweetened coffee was consistently associated with a lower risk for early death. This was not true for artificially sweetened coffee.

Previous studies have looked at the correlation between coffee drinking and mortality. In all studies, it was suggested that the benefit came from the substances in coffee, rather than the caffeine. That implies the benefit comes from both caffeinated and decaffeinated coffee.

Researchers are quick to point out: correlation does not necessarily mean causation.


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