The Power of Plants: How They Relieve Stress and Offer Other Benefits

There’s a simple way to reduce stress, be more productive at work and help improve your overall wellbeing. All you have to do is buy a plant.

Reducing Stress

Researchers from the Journal of Physiological Anthropology wanted to see if there was any correlation between interacting with plants and stress levels.

This relatively simple study involved two tasks: repotting a plant and doing a computer activity. After each task, researchers measured blood pressure and heart rate.

They found the interaction with plants resulted in a lower stress response and participants reported feeling more relaxed, as compared to the computer task.

Other Benefits

Other studies found having a house plant can help sharpen your attention and boost your productivity. And in some cases, it may improve your outlook on your job, in general.

To learn more about science-backed benefits of indoor plants, click here.

About Advena Living

At Advena Living, we believe that plants should always be part of the indoor décor. While we love our beautiful hanging baskets and flower gardens outside our communities, we know there are benefits to having indoor plants as well.

Science tells us that plants can lower stress, improve quality of air, and even recover from an illness faster. Those are some great benefits. We also look at it a different way, as a way to feel more at home.

Advena Living communities strive to make the concept of “home” a real thing for everyone who lives in our communities. Our goal is to ensure each community member gets to live how they want to, on their own schedule, and can maintain those special daily pleasures that are a part of who they are.

For some people, that may be growing violets by their windowsill, something they’ve always done. For others it may be about working with their hands out in the garden and giving them a purpose. Or it could simply be that a plant reminds them of their previous home and provides a sense of comfort.

Advena Living is a family-owned company that specializes in skilled nursing, long-term care, rehab and assisted living services throughout Kansas. Our name “Advena” means newcomer, which is what we do—welcome newcomers seeking a senior living environment where they may continue to enjoy a full life, and where their personal choices are respected and upheld.